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Geoff and the Ninja

1 Season – 6 Episodes

Get Ninjafied! With his world turned upside down and on the verge of losing everything, Geoff takes in a mysterious roommate – the all powerful Ninja.


1 Season – 5 Episodes

A suburban Mom struggles with aging and loss while trying to keep up an acting career.


2 Seasons – 12 Episodes

Frank Briggs is a skip maker. Acting as a one-man witness protection agency, he provides his clients peace of mind by disguising their internet identity; allowing to basically hide in plain sight. However, as Frank soon learns, there are some people who should not be allowed to disappear.


1 Season – 10 Episodes

When an upstanding police officer finds an orphaned Alien hiding in the desert, she not only has to save his life from a ruthless underground military force, but also her own.

The Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten

Short Play

The Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten is about the final rehearsal of a children’s play called “The Dangerous Kitten” that goes horribly wrong.

Yellow Scare


World War II. The heinous and homicidal Hitler has joined forces with the evil Poor Li Hung to create a doomsday weapon that could single handedly end the war! It is up to all American Hero Happy Charlie & his bumbling baby brother Rex to stop them. But they are going to need a little help from: Dr. Laura McShaunnesey! General Foo King, a master of song, dance, and kung fu! And Shamus Appleucio, a drunken, but driven, pilot from the Emerald Isle.


Short Film

FIRST! is a short comedy about the first man to, well, you will have to see the movie, which is currently in post-production.