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Epic Quest Collectables are Now Available on Square

Epic Quest Collectables are now available on Square. Get your deluxe Epic Quest hero pins or a one of a kind Epic Quest x Water Flower Studios lanyard. Every purchase helps with the development of Season 1 of Epic Quest and supports The Fantasy Network so it can continue to stream independent fantasy and sci-fi content around the world.

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Epic Quest – Season 1’s Campaign!

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Watch these exciting independent Canadian series and films on The Fantasy Network


Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
2 Seasons – 20 Episodes

Taking down bad guys, shooting your friends, and exploring romance are completely normal during a live-action roleplaying game. However, as these friends discover, they can’t keep their normal lives and their play entirely separate. Real life? In-game? It’s sometimes hard to tell…


1 Season – 1 Episode

Agents Mason and Jones perform their duties for the organization that secretly runs the world.

The Spell Tutor

Family, Fantasy
4 Seasons – 24 Episodes

The Spell Tutor is an award-winning web series, which explores themes of belonging and magic use.

One Hit Die

Comedy, Fantasy
4 Seasons – 10 Episodes

Self-aware adventurers within a gaming world attempt to gain experience and level up.


Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
1 Season – 4 Episodes

Chris’ Mom is dead. Then he got kidnapped. And now he’s developing super powers. Things are strange.

What If

2 Seasons – 21 Episodes

Everything that we know about our Universe, we know because someone asked the question, ‘what if?’. Embark on an epic trip through time, space, and chance as we ask the biggest and craziest questions that only science can answer. 

Hell or Tide Water

Action, Sci-Fi

In the future, submarines are used to transport oil. When a camera crew arrives to document, Russian subs show up to try to reign them in.