The Fantasy Network Announces that it will be Shutting Down at the End of the Month

Water Flower Studios have received the devastating news that The Fantasy Network will be shutting down at the end of the month. As you may all know, The Fantasy Network is one of Epic Quest’s streaming hosts and has brought us many views, fans, royalties and support here on the West Coast and all around the world.

Epic Quest is still on Indie Film Theater, but we are now looking for another streaming platform for our Pilot. Having our Pilot on streaming platforms is very beneficial as it gives us the chance to introduce/showcase our project to the world as we develop Season 1. Season 1 will be made, but in the meantime it is beneficial to have our Pilot on streaming services to get fans, crowdfunders and content creators on board and excited for Season 1 of Epic Quest.

If anyone knows any streaming platforms, channels or distributors that would want to stream or buy our award winning Pilot, please reach out to us.

Please reach out and support the Producers on The Fantasy Network by watching their content before TFN shut downs. Producers earn royalties through viewerships and a boost in viewerships would help them greatly at the start of the New Year. Watch Now Here.

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